Get Multiple Cash Offers!

We want to help you get multiple competitive cash offers on your home, within 48 hrs.

Shea Hillenbrand & Marcus McBeth

H and M Real Estate Group


Here Is Our Promise To You:


We Will Help You Through The Process


We Will Get You Multiple Cash Offers


We Will Save You Time And Frustration


We Will Help You Get Back To Living Your Life

Here's How It Works:


Hassle Free


Not just one, but multiple competitive cash offers within 48 hours


We will present all viable cash-offer options to you on a side-by-side comparison chart


No strings attached


3 options to obtain cash offers; 1) iBuyers 2) Institutional buyers 3) Private Investors


If none of the cash-offer options work for you, we can help you sell your home traditionally as well.

Another Benefit To Working With Our Team:

We have a partnership with the 3 main iBuyers (Zillow, Opendoor, and OfferPad), and we have implemented a system that we will utilize to help guide you through the process of obtaining competitive cash offers for your home.

It's Easy To Get Started!

Just click the button, fill in your info, and our team will reach out to you very soon.

Once You Have Reached Out:


1) We will come to your home to take the proper pictures and complete a detailed property description. We will also ask you to sign a permission form that will allow us to submit this information to iBuyers, institutional buyers, and our private investors on your behalf, to obtain multiple cash offers for your home.  


2) We will come out for a second appointment to present all viable cash offer options to you on a side-by-side comparison chart. We do this with 100% transparency.

Benefits of having us guide you

through this process:

* You do not have to submit your information to the ibuyers. They will have OUR information.

* We know what pictures to take and how to complete the property description the right way to achieve the most competitive cash-offers. We execute this process daily as professionals.

* When we submit your property to the iBuyers for evaluation, they know we have done our due diligence and that we are presenting your property to multiple cash investors including institutional buyers and private investors.

* We have a partnership with the three major players in the iBuyer space.

We Are Here To Help!

Thank you for trusting us with your housing needs.

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